CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK FOR MEDIATORS TRAINING COURSE: ‘community-based social learning and NRM practices’

The first two years of this research process has focused on piloting a process of developing a written question-based resource as a mediation tool for learning in the context of local practices. The purpose was to assess the way in which learning emerges from, and in relation to, practice, providing a new perspective on ‘knowledge flows’. Our interest was to ascertain what knowledge circulates in community based water management practices, and how people have learned or are learning these practices. Further, we wanted to ascertain the knowledge that community based rain water harversters are interested in; i.e. what questions are they engaging with as they engage with their practice.

From this process we have been able to identify the skills needed to mediate practice-centred learning.  The insights gained into the meditation of knowledge in practice-centred learning have allowed us to design a participatory course for mediators and facilitators of learning at a local level.  This deliverable is the curriculum framework for this course.

Please reference the curriculum design as Burt, J; Lotz-Sisitka, H & Berold, R. 2014. Curriculum  framework for mediators training course: ‘community based social learning and NRM practices’. Deliverable 6: WRC project K5/2075/1. WRC: Tswane

Deliverable 6 final

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