Piloting the development of a question based resource

This deliverable consists of the first draft of the question-based resource and a report on how this resource was developed. It responds to the aims in the following way:

  1. The report is the first step in reflecting on the process of developing the resource and the effectiveness of the resource for developing the capacity of community-based mediators of water knowledge.
  2. The report will begin identifying the skills that are needed to develop a resource of this nature.

Please reference the report on the question based resource as: Burt, J & Berold, R. 2013. Report on the Development of the question-based resource. Deliverable 4: WRC project K6/2071/1. WRC: Tswane

Del 4 Report on development of question driven resourcrelRain Water Harvesting Resource final version may 2013

Please reference the question based resource as: Wigley, T & Berold R. 2013. Rain Water Harvesting for Homes and Home Food Gardens. Resource document for WRC K5/2071/1. WRC: Pretoria

Rain Water Harvesting Resource final version may 2013

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