Amanzi Acocekileyo is written by Sithokozile Yalo from WESSA in the Eastern Cape. She attended the Changing Practice and water knowledge mediators course which was the first Changing Practice course.  During this course participants developed knowledge resources based on their own matters of concern that they could use in their own work. In every Changing Practice course participants are given the option of writing in their first language. Sithokozile Yalo is the only person to take up this offer so far. Amanzi Acocekileyo means ‘Clean Water’. It describes what ‘clean water’ is and how we can recognise whether our water is clean or not. Sithokozile then suggests ways of dealing with water that is not clean such as collecting rain water or simple techniques for purifying water at home. This book is written in the context where many rural communities receive sub-standard municipal water to community taps. The taps also often break and are not fixed meaning communities need to rely on river water which is not always clean. This is depicted in the picture which Sithokozile has on the front page of her booklet.

Please reference this book as: Yalo, Sithokozile, 2014. Amanzi Acocekileyo: Uphando eQhoboshendlini- eSajonisi Changing Practice network: ELRC, Rhodes University, Grahamstown.

To access booklet please click on image below.


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