Mulch for a healthy garden

Mulch for a Healthy Garden is written by Lunga Mhlonyane from WESSA (at the time) in the Eastern Cape. He participated in the Changing Practice and water knowledge mediators course which was the first Changing Practice course.  During this course participants developed knowledge resources based on their own matters of concern that they could use in their own work. Lunga’s book is a beautiful example of how to honour the knowledge that the elders have in rural communities. Lunga was deeply touched by the gardener at the school where he worked in Port St John’s in the Eastern Cape. The book is about Super Nofemele’s knowledge and experience as a gardener at the Roman Catholic school. It not only captures the Super Nofemele’s knowledge as important and valuable it also describes Super’s life and how his job takes him away from his family. It is an extraordinarily beautiful thing that Lunga has done by writing this book about the knowledge of a quiet gardener in the Eastern Cape. This is specifically so given the context of South Africa where gardeners are mostly treated as casual and unskilled labourers.

Please reference this book as Mhlonyane, L. 2014. Mulch for a Healthy Garden. Changing Practice network, ELRC, Rhodes University: Grahamstown

To access the book please click on the image below.

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