Designs and action plans for case studies using social learning

This is the fifth deliverable in the NWRS2 citizen monitoring project. It focuses on the social learning ‘changing practice’ course that has been designed to support citizen-monitoring through four case studies. Course participants are active on water issues in each of the case study areas. They are linked to their local anchor organisation, which provides support to the learners, ‘takes up’ the research through implementing actions that arise, and provides institutional support to their Provincial Water Caucus (PWC). Thus the learning is designed to ‘ripple’ through various levels from individual learner, to anchor organisation, to PWC, to the national SA Water Caucus (SAWC) and to the sector more broadly; and ultimately to strengthen civil society in the water sector. 

This deliverable explains the logic of the changing practice course and what was contained in each of the modules to date. This includes contextual analysis, developing narratives of practice and how to build knowledge network. It provides both the ‘how to do’, for example a contextual analysis, as well as what the learners have discovered through observation and analysis. The course exercises and assignments take each learner through a process that will result in a written case studies and plan of action. Preliminary action plans are presented in section 3, outlining the steps that will be taken in each case study area to i) take forward the issues locally, ii) address policy questions that have arisen and iii) build the water and environmental justice social movement. A reflection on the process to-date highlights that the project and course designs have resulted in learning that is integrated into practical action and strategies to strengthen local water governance. This deliverable concludes with the next steps learners will take to ‘test’ their case studies and action plans, as well as a description of the final module to be held in early 2016. 

Please reference this report as Burt, J & Wilson J. 2015. Designs and action plans for case studies using social learning WRC project 2313. WRC: Pretoria

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