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The Mediating Processes within Social Learning: Women’s Food and Water Security Practices in the Rural Eastern Cape

Nina Rivers was the second Masters student on the Changing Practice and knowledge mediators research process and course. She upgraded her Masters to a Phd and is now Dr Nina Rivers.

Nina was an active participant in the research and the course. She co-authored reports, was a mentor on the course and evaluated the course for us. No wonder her Masters became a Phd. She writes:

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Charles Phiri was a Masters student at the Environmental Learning Research Centre, Rhodes University, working on this first research project on knowledge, mediation and learning. He did his fieldwork during the first year of the WRC project K5/2017. One of our questions around learning was understanding how communities learn in their day to day lives. How do people share knowledge amongst themselves and how do they access new knowledge and integrate this into their daily practices. This is what Charles Phiri investigated for us.

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Progress report 1

Reference Group meeting

24th May 2012


During this reference group meeting we will report back on our progress to date as well as discuss our work plan for the next year.  Nina Rivers is the new masters student on the project and she will also share with us her progress and intentions for the rest of the year.

Please find below:

  • Progress report
  • A work plan for 2012/2013
  • Masters research proposal.

Please reference as Burt, J & Lotz-Sisitka, H. 2012. Progress report 24 May 2012. WRC project K5/2074. WRC: Tswane

progress report 1

Report on Mediators training and activity systems

This deliverable addresses objective 1 of the project proposal.  A “changing practice” short course has been developed out of the first two years of research into practice based learning and mediation. This deliverable is an evaluation of the course.

Please reference this report as  Rivers, N & Burt, J. 2014. Report on mediators training and activity systems. Deliverable 7 WRC project K5/2074. WRC: Tswane

Del 7 WRC evaluation report FINAL

CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK FOR MEDIATORS TRAINING COURSE: ‘community-based social learning and NRM practices’

The first two years of this research process has focused on piloting a process of developing a written question-based resource as a mediation tool for learning in the context of local practices. The purpose was to assess the way in which learning emerges from, and in relation to, practice, providing a new perspective on ‘knowledge flows’. Our interest was to ascertain what knowledge circulates in community based water management practices, and how people have learned or are learning these practices. Further, we wanted to ascertain the knowledge that community based rain water harversters are interested in; i.e. what questions are they engaging with as they engage with their practice.

From this process we have been able to identify the skills needed to mediate practice-centred learning.  The insights gained into the meditation of knowledge in practice-centred learning have allowed us to design a participatory course for mediators and facilitators of learning at a local level.  This deliverable is the curriculum framework for this course.

Please reference the curriculum design as Burt, J; Lotz-Sisitka, H & Berold, R. 2014. Curriculum  framework for mediators training course: ‘community based social learning and NRM practices’. Deliverable 6: WRC project K5/2075/1. WRC: Tswane

Deliverable 6 final

Report on the Development of the Catalogue

This deliverable consists of the first draft of the catalogue and a report on how catalogue was developed. It responds to the aims in the following way:

  1. The report is the first step in reflecting on the process of developing the catalogue and the effectiveness of the catalogue for developing the capacity of community-based mediators of water knowledge.

The report will begin identifying the skills that are needed to develop a catalogue of this nature.

Please reference the report on the development of the catalogue as: Burt, J & Berold, R. 2014. Report on the Development of the Catalogue. Deliverable 5: WRC Project K5/2017/1. WRC: Tswane

del 5 catalogue report

Please reference the guide on how to find resources for rainwater harvesting as: Rivers, N; Wigley, T & Berold, R. 2014. Resources on rain water harvesting: Resources and how to find them. WRC report K5/2071/1. WRC: Tswane

Rain Water Harvesting catalogue may 2013