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Piloting the development of a question based resource

This deliverable consists of the first draft of the question-based resource and a report on how this resource was developed. It responds to the aims in the following way:

  1. The report is the first step in reflecting on the process of developing the resource and the effectiveness of the resource for developing the capacity of community-based mediators of water knowledge.
  2. The report will begin identifying the skills that are needed to develop a resource of this nature.

Please reference the report on the question based resource as: Burt, J & Berold, R. 2013. Report on the Development of the question-based resource. Deliverable 4: WRC project K6/2071/1. WRC: Tswane

Del 4 Report on development of question driven resourcrelRain Water Harvesting Resource final version may 2013

Please reference the question based resource as: Wigley, T & Berold R. 2013. Rain Water Harvesting for Homes and Home Food Gardens. Resource document for WRC K5/2071/1. WRC: Pretoria

Rain Water Harvesting Resource final version may 2013

Fieldwork Report

This deliverable is a summary of the thesis by Charles Phiri.  Its relevance to the overall project is that it shows how the use of any resource has to provide spaces of reflection both for the communities engaged in a WRM process and for practitioners assisting communities.

Please reference this report as: Burt, J; Phiri, C & Berold, R. 2013. Fieldwork report. Deliverable 3: Fieldwork report. WRC project K5/2074/1. WRC: Tswane

Del 3 fieldwork report

Project design and identification of site for research

This is Deliverable 2 of the WRC project no. K5/2071. It documents the overall project design and project phases as well as how the site of research was identified.

The document reference is: Burt, J; Lotz-Siskta, H; Berold, R & Phiri, C. 2011. Project design and identification of site for research. Deliverable 2: WRC project no K5/2071.

Del 2 project design

Review of social learning literature relevant to knowledge flow in the water sector

This was the first deliverable for the WRC project no K5/2074: Change-oriented learning and water management practices.  It is a literature review of social learning and mediation and their relevance to knowledge flow in the water sector

As we come to grips with the complexity of the relationship between the environment and human development, it is no longer feasible to view learning and management as two separate processes.  The practice of water resource management is no exception.  Practice has shifted from technicist management focused on demand and delivery to integrated approaches coordinating the management of water, land and other resources so as to meet economic and  social needs in an equitable manner and to ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem.

The studies summarised in this literature review demonstrate how social learning has become a key concept in all areas of natural resource management.

The reference for this document is: Burt, J; Berold, R & Rivers, N. 2011. Review of social learning literature relevant to knowledge flow in the water sector. Deliverable 1. WRC project K5/2071

Del 1 review of SL and knowledge flow in Water sector


This is the final report for the WRC research project on Change Oriented learning and Water Management Practices.

This report should be referenced: Burt J.; Lotz-Sisitka, H; Rivers, N.; Berold, R.; Ntshudu, M.; Wigley, T.; Stanford, M.; Jenkin, T.; Buzani, M.; Kruger, E. 2015. The role of knowledge in a Democratic Society: Investigations into mediation and change-oriented learning in water management practices. WRC Report No. 2074/1/13

Final Report compiled 23 March