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Have you heard the news?

This is a video-art-protest by  artist, Mark Wilby. Most of Mark’s work questions our starry-eyed view of Capitalism. He takes on the rhino trading as one such example of the ridiculous violence this ideology manifests in the world. He put out a call to people to come and participate  in this recording of this tongue-in-cheek news broadcast and so we did..

Mark also produced ‘Sorry China’ where he appeals to people to send their toenails to the Chinese embassy as a last helpless stand against the slaughter of the rhino’s.

He also created a ‘reality show’ along with social media where normal people spent time together trying to figure out what to do. This he called ‘The Cliptivists’.


‘1 in 9’ production at the Grahamstown Arts Festival, 2007

‘1 in 9’ production at the Grahamstown Festival, 2007

In 2007 a horrific rape and murder happened in Grahamstown. A small group of people gathered together to dialogue about  the level of gender violence in our town and in South Africa. This dialogue led to a play in honour of the women that lost their lives in Grahamstown and all who suffer from gender violence every day in South Africa.  It was a play that was not scripted but workshopped by an even smaller group of ordinary people under the sensitive and strong guidance of Athina Copteros, the director. I was one of those ordinary people..