Research deliverables

Research Deliverables for Change-oriented learning and water management practices

Deliverable Description
1. Review Document Literature review and aligning of fieldwork planning and resource design with review.
2. Start up Document Project design and identification of site for research.
3. Fieldwork report Report on fieldwork and development of the resource
4. Development of question driven resource publications based on case activity systems Question-driven resource publication and report on its development
5. Design of community directed catalogue Document setting out an approach to designing a community directed resource and a WRC catalogue for mediating processes and expanding learning in WRM practice contexts.
6. Curriculum framework for mediator training programme Mediator training programme.
7. Report on mediator training and activity systems Report on mediator training programme, which will include the piloting of the question-driven resource.
8. Final report & masters studies & PhD study Final reportĀ  and Masters and Phd studies.